Dengrove adds space-saving DC/DC converters from Recom

Lanka 2021-04-08

They are designed for applications that require high power density and high efficiency and have power ratings from 3.3W to 30W.

They comply with the  industry standard DOSA footprint (12.19 x 12.19mm) and are  available with rated output current of 1.0A, 2.0A, 3.0A, or 6.0A. Using a control IC and multi-layer board design is claimed to result in class-leading power density of up to 800W/in3 as well as allow use in space-constrained applications.

Maximum efficiency is between 97-99%, for operation at full load in ambient temperatures up to 107°C without forced air cooling. The converters are packaged in a metal can with integrated ground plane for effective six-sided shielding for minimal noise emissions, says the distributor. They are also EN 55032-compliant.

Other characteristics are flexible control and trimming options, pins for power-good, on-off control and sequencing with programmable output rise time to simplify powering-up converters simultaneously or in a pre-defined sequence. The nominal output voltage of 3.3V or 5.0V can be trimmed up or down using a single external resistor. There is also programmable soft-start control.

The distributor also stocks Recom evaluation boards for the RPM series for test, development and prototyping.

The DC-DC converters are available now as surface mount modules with land grid array (LGA) contacts.

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