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PIR Motion Module HC-SR501

Fabricantes: Lanka Micro
Categoria de produto: Modules
Folha de dados: PIR Motion Module HC-SR501
Descrição: Pyroelectric Infrared PIR Motion Module HC-SR501
Status rohs: RoHS Compatível

Product Discription
HC-SR501 is based on infrared technology, automatic control module, using Germany imported LHI778 probe design, high sensitivity, high reliability, ultra-low-voltage operating mode, widely used in various auto-sensing electrical equipment, especially for battery-powered automatic controlled products.

◦ Voltage: 5V – 20V
◦ Power Consumption: 65mA
◦ TTL output: 3.3V, 0V
◦ Lock time: 0.2 sec
◦ Trigger methods: L – disable repeat trigger, H enable repeat trigger
◦ Sensing range: less than 120 degree, within 7 meters
◦ Temperature: – 15 ~ +70
◦ Dimension: 32*24 mm, distance between screw 28mm, M2, Lens dimension in diameter: 23mm

Automatically sensing light for Floor, bathroom, basement, porch, warehouse, Garage, etc, ventilator, alarm, etc.

◦ Automatic induction: to enter the sensing range of the output is high, the person leaves the sensing range of the automatic delay off high,output low.
◦ Photosensitive control (optional, not factory-set) can be set photosensitive control, day or light intensity without induction.
◦ Temperature compensation (optional, factory reset): In the summer when the ambient temperature rises to 30 ° C to 32 ° C, the detection distance is slightly shorter, temperature compensation can be used for performance compensation.
◦ Triggered in two ways: (jumper selectable)
◦ non-repeatable trigger: the sensor output high, the delay time is over, the output is automatically changed from high level to low level;
◦ repeatable trigger: the sensor output high, the delay period, if there is human activity in its sensing range, the output will always remain high until the people left after the delay will be high level goes low (sensor module detects a time delay period will be automatically  extended every human activity, and the starting point for the delay time to the last event of the time).
◦ With induction blocking time (the default setting: 2.5s blocked time): sensor module after each sensor output (high into low), followed by a blockade set period of time, during this time period sensor does not accept any sensor signal. This feature can be achieved sensor output time "and" blocking time "interval between the work can be applied to interval detection products; This function can inhibit a variety of interference in the process of load switching. (This time can be set at zero seconds – a few tens of seconds).
◦ Wide operating voltage range: default voltage DC4.5V-20V.
◦ Micropower consumption: static current <50 microamps, particularly suitable for battery-powered automatic control products.
◦ Output high signal: easy to achieve docking with the various types of circuit.  

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